12:29 a.m. 2005-03-03
The Bitch says: updating life

Lots of new info for you today. Although I'm still kind of buried under school I think it will get better. We are moving. The owner said we could stay until the house was sold but that would mean allowing people to tour the house, etc. I go to school. My papers and books are all over the desk all the time. Some are beside my bed cuz I'm doing homework as I'm trying to fight the insomnia thing. My cat uses the litter box and I'm not going to follow her with the scoop. It's clumpable, doesn't stink, and gets cleaned every other day at the most. If I want to sleep late I will. So, tours are not an option. But, thanks to my favorite child, Chris--or as she spells it Krys--don't ask-----we already have an apt. It's one story....no upstairs people to burn us out....only 8 apts., and the walls between apts. are block. So, it's moving time again. And, I got a job. No more nursing home stuff. The is in a Sears call center talking to people who call for service. No selling. I try to get them to trouble shoot and, if they won't or it doesn't work, I set up an appt. for the service tech. Not rocket science but it pays what I was making in my last job when I left. And, that's to start. Way cool.
Watched Queer Eye for the Straight Girl for the first time.......love it's parent one--Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It's really cool and think it's gonna be added to the weekly lineup.
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